After 7 long years, we are back in New Orleans! Many great sessions are on offer at this meeting. For you, our fellow SeekFreaks, we have combed through the program to identify the most relevant sessions. Plus, we included some excellent suggestions for your down time.

SeekFreaks don’t believe in wasting time. But when you love your work it is all play! Carlo and I will both be there, please say hi and let us know if you want to become a SeekFreak contributor or give
us feedback on the site. Also, ask Carlo about Apply EBP! He is doing some great things for professional learning.

Wednesday 2/21- Pre-conference
‘Braking Bad’ Eccentric Control from Talking to Walking

Thursday 2/22

6:30-7:30a: Academy of Pediatric PT Breakfast
Although I am not an early bird, I never miss this excellent breakfast sponsored by the fine folks at Rifton. It is a great opportunity to meet your regional directors, state representatives and meet other pediatric PTs from your area. There is nothing better than kicking off a conference with a great, free breakfast with passionate professionals.

 Pediatric Platforms #1 (Peds) CC Platform Area 2 These are quick presentations but often the most thought provoking!
 Dual Task Gait Training (Neuro) Hilton, Grand BR C
 Intervening Early to Enhance Mobility: No More Watchful Waiting! (Peds) Hilton, Churchill D
 Pediatric Pelvic Floor Therapy: Treating Children with Fecal Incontinence (Women’s Health) CC R08
 Aquatics for Children on the Autism Spectrum: An Update (Aquatics) Hilton, Churchill B1
 Early Motor Interventions for Preterm Infants (Peds) Hilton, Churchill C

 Implicit Bias: Everybody has it! (Education) CC 206 LRay is doing this one with colleague Dr. Dana McCarty
 Body Weigh Support in Real World, part 1 (Peds) Hilton, St Charles BR
 FES in Pediatrics: The Science is Strong, Clinical Practice, Not Yet (Peds) Hilton; Jackson
 Adaptive Behavior & Mastery Motivation in Children with CP (Peds) Hilton; Jefferson BR
 Real World Rehabilitation Technology (Peds) Hilton, Churchill D
 Movement, Pain & Aquatic Therapy (Aquatics) Hilton, River

1-3p Academy of Pediatric PT Board Meeting

 Monitoring Change over Time with CP (Peds) Hilton, Churchill C
 Providing Culturally Competent Care to Patients with Religious Sensitivity (Health Policy & Admin) CC 231
 A Harnessed Life: Body Weight Support in Real World, part 2 (Peds) Hilton, St. Charles BR
 Car Seats for Children with Special Needs (Peds) Hilton, Chart B
 Pediatric Evaluation Coding & Cases (Peds) Hilton, Churchill B2

Download Survival Guide Day 1 Here

Friday 2/23

 Making Children Smarter: Jointly Advancing Motor & Cognitive Development (Peds) Hilton, Churchill D
 Ask-a- Librarian: Smarter Searching in 2 Hours or Less (Research) CC 232
 ‘Toeing the Line’: Exam, Evaluation and Interventions for Idiopathic Toe Walking (Peds) Hilton, St. Charles BR
 A Zebra Among Us: Recognition & Management of Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (Ortho) Hilton, Grand BR A
 Taking the Gloves Off: Evidence-Informed Manual Therapy for UE Conditions, Part 2 (Hand/UE) Hilton, Grand Salon D

 Objective, Functional Outcome Measures in School (Peds) Hilton; Quarter Deck B
 Monitoring Health, Self-Care & Participation c CP (Peds) Hilton; Churchill D
 Pediatric Platforms 2 (Peds) CC Platform area 2
 Prescription Yoga: Modifying an Ancient Practice for Clinical Interventions (Geriatric) CC 208

 Beyond Positioning: Truncal Hypotonia (Peds) Hilton; St. Charles BR
 Play-based vs. Standardized Assessment (Peds) Hilton, Churchill D
 Integrating Clinical Reasoning & the Movement System Across Health Conditions (Neuro) Hilton, Grand Salon C
 Ask-a- Librarian: Searching Spotlight on CPGs (Education) CC 232
 Ankle-Foot Orthoses from Walking to Running: What You Really Need to Know (Research) CC 228

6:30-8:30p Academy of Pediatric PT Business Meeting

Download Survival Guide Day 2 Here

Saturday 2/24
6:30-7:30a School SIG Meeting

 Coupling Timing & Dose of Therapy to Maximize Plasticity and Document it! (Peds) Hilton, Churchill D
 FIRST in Telehealth: Training PT Providers for Best Practice (Health Policy & Admin) CC 235

 Patient Reported Outcomes (Research) CC 231
 Pediatric Ortho Limb Deformities: Treatment Options & Limb Lengthening (Peds) Hilton; St. Charles BR
 Special Considerations & Clinical Reasoning in Pediatric Acute (Acute) CC R03
 Clinical Reasoning: Understanding Communication, Context and Care (Education) CC 206
 Worlds Collide: The Intersection of Hypersensitivity in Autism and Chronic Pain (Peds) Hilton, Churchill D

 Hospitalized Adults with DD (Peds) Hilton Churchill D
 New Horizons for Children with SMA (Peds) Hilton, Chart B

I put them in order of appeal (at least for me!). After the meeting, check in on and share with everyone which sessions were worth the time investment, changed your practice or if you wished you had chosen a jazz brunch instead!

Download Survival Guide Day 3 Here

Once your brain is full, here are some suggestions to fill your senses and your belly…

Suggested nearby spots:
 For food close to the convention center, check out 2 Chicks Café, open from 7a-3p
 Get stretched on Saturday, free yoga classes at 10 a.m. at New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park at the
Esplande Avenue end of the French Market.
 If you take a break on Friday or Saturday afternoon, the Nola Brewing Company offers free tours of their Brewery.
 Go explore St Roch Market, also an Art Market. The best coffee is there at Coast Roast Coffee & Tea. I know many love Café Du Monde and it is lovely, but Coast Roast has my vote!
 If you are here over the weekend, get a reservation for the jazz brunch at Two Sisters or Café Amelie for brunch (or the courtyard is really nice for dinner)
 Jacques-Imo’s Café – a long wait time (1.5 hrs) but they will take your number and text you.  tip! Get the shrimp and alligator sausage cheesecake. Like New Orleans, unique but amazing!
 Be sure to saunter around City Park for a post meal constitutional. You will love it! It is twice as large as Central Park and full of live oaks.
 Stroll anywhere! Riverfront, window shop through Royal and Chartres streets, Gallery hop the Arts District along Julia Street, dance down Frenchmen Street a hub for great music, amble through the Garden district or just wind your way through a neighborhood reading the historical markers. In New Orleans, you will stumble over a new favorite spot without any effort.
 Cochon Butcher is great for sandwiches  tip! Get the Cubano or the Pig Mac
 A cemetery tour sounds like a bummer, but is really an amazing way to understand the unique culture that is New Orleans. You can pay for a tour or just wander through one on your own: St. Patrick Cemetery No. 2, Lafayette Cemetery or St. Louis No. 3.
 Make sure to catch some live music while you are here! Preservation Hall is always popular. I like the Spotted Cat Music Club. If you want something different, check out the Music Box Village= half tree house/half experimental open space

Safe travel, I hope to see you there!! Laissez les bon temps rouler! [let the good times roll…]

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