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Original articles discussing school-based topics:

OTs, PTs & SLPs in Schools…How Did We Get Here?

Role of School-based Physical Therapy

Response to Intervention, Multiple Tier Systems of Support and PT

The 4 Pillars of School-based PT Assessment

Functional Classification Systems for Children with CP

APTA 2016 Combined Sections Meeting Lightbulb Moments

Motoropoly 1: Motor Learning Principles in School – Instructions, Feedback & Demonstrations

Motoropoly 2: Motor Learning Principles in School – Task Specificity, Difficulty & Variability

Motoropoly 3: Motor Learning Principles in School – Salience, Frequency, & Whole vs. Part Practice

Motoropoly 4: Motor Learning Principles in School – Motor Imagery & Self-Controlled Practice

IEP 4.0 – Using Data and Collaboration to Develop a Clear PLEP

IEP 4.0 – Developing Data-based and Student Focused Goals

IEP 4.0 – Collaborative Progress Monitoring

IEP 4.0 – Creating an Intentional Plan of Care

Recognizing ICF Domain Words…Amusing Musings

Call to Action: Full Funding of IDEA

5 Practical Tips for Classroom Arrangement

50 Alternatives to “Good Job!”

Spotlight on the Midwest: Interview with Andy Ruff

Medicaid in Education: 10 Much-Needed Answers

Spotlight in the Mid-Atlantic: Interview with Connie Johnson

The Final SOPAC: 8 Key Lessons from Keystone

12 Days of SeekFreaks

12 SeekFreaks Resolutions for 2017

Section 504 vs. IDEA

Spotlight on Telehealth: Interview with Jennifer Kenney

6 Reflections Inspired by APTA CSM 2017

SeekFreak’s Adapted Physical Education Primer

18 Predictors of Postsecondary Outcomes

3 Steps to a Strengths-based Practice

Spotlight on Telehealth OT: Interview with Tasha Holmes

5 Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week

Acoustical Challenges & Recommendations for Schools

Reflect, Advocate and Explore

Spotlight on Spain: Interview with Vanesa Abuin

6 Steps to Coaching Our Clients

Innovations 2017: Hot Child in the City

APPTAC 2017 Takeaways

Trauma in Children…and What We Can Do to Help

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