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SeekFreaks IEP Checklist: Student Version

Who wants to attend IEP meetings? I think students might be last in that line. SeekFreaks developed this list to help students prepare for annual review meetings. We have found IEP meetings with students at the table to be more

RESOURCE: 10 Handy CanChild Resources

I can’t believe we let Canada’s Sesquicentennial Anniversary (aka 150th Year) on July 1, 2017 go without a shout out on the great work of our colleagues up North on conducting research and creating resources. So we decided to

RESOURCE: 6 Steps in Using a Therapy Ball as Classroom Seating

The ability to attend to tasks is an important element of learning in the school. Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder ADHD) often manifest attentional difficulties. Changing the learning environment has been proposed as a

SPECIAL RESOURCE: SeekFreaks School-based Therapist CSM 2017 Survival Guides

It’s February! That time of the year that thousands of therapists all over the US gather for the Combined Sections Meeting. We are excited about this year’s line up of workshops with strong offerings from the School SIG and

1 New Opportunity! 3 New Tools! Caring for Children & Youth with Medical Complexity

Happy New Year to all SeekFreaks! This new year I have decided to embark on a new challenge; a new opportunity to learn and share newly-found and newly-consolidated knowledge and skills (apologies for using the word ‘new’ 6 times

RESOURCE: 2 Tests of Selective Motor Control – SCALE and SCUES

Although we often talk about functional tests here at SeekFreaks, it is also important to look at impairment level tests. Results of such tests can often help identify the cause of activity limitations and participation restrictions (see Recognizing ICF

RESOURCE: 10 Handy American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Resources

Our last post reviewed some of the best resources the APTA Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy provides for school-based practice. These are all publically available via this link. Speech Language Pathologists, you are up!! This post will outline the

RESOURCE: 10 Handy Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Fact Sheets

Are you thinking of creating a resource to help families navigate the IEP process and whether their child needs school-based therapy? Need a topic and a handout for an in-service training you were asked to conduct with teachers and

RESOURCE: 32 Essential School-based OT, PT & SLP Documentation Tools

Here we go SeekFreaks… the beginning of the school year! A complex emotional experience that includes: anticipation, anxiety, hope, excitement, fear, nostalgia and joy. We thought it might be helpful to have a post devoted to getting our documentation

RESOURCE: Late Summer Reading List for Seasoned School-based OTs, PTs and SLPs

We continue our SeekFreaks summer reading lists – this time for our seasoned school-based OTs, PTs and SLPs. Ambitious new school-based practitioners can also start reading from this list as soon as you are done with the List for

RESOURCE: Summer Reading List for New School-based OTs, PTs & SLPs

Whether this is your first job after graduation, or you are an experienced therapist who is just now entering school-based practice, you are about to step into a new territory.
Welcome to school-based practice and to SeekFreaks! Allow us to

RESOURCE: OT, PT & SLP Practice Guide Map – Updated!

Learning one’s state and school district practice guidelines is essential when working in the educational setting. Practice guidelines may assist in various decision-making processes.
We make it one step easier for you by listing all the guidelines and plotting

RESOURCE: Top 10 Walking Tests for School-based PTs

Just like balance tests and tests for wheelchair operation, there are multiple walking tests, each measuring specific aspects of functional mobility. When selecting tests, we encourage PTs to utilize the concepts below which were discussed in more detail in an

RESOURCE: 7 Promising Wheelchair Operation Tests for School-based Therapists

In our last article, 11 Ways to Unleash the Power of Power Mobility, I talked about the importance of outcome measures to support the use of the device, and to serve as motivation for students. So I looked through

RESOURCE: The 4 Cs of Letters of Medical Necessity that Gets Equipment Funded

The majority of insurance companies and other payors require a letter of medical necessity (LMN) to describe the medical necessity (not merely convenience) of the equipment and justify the purchase of all requested components. Most often these letters are

RESOURCE: 2 Tools to Promote Movement in the Classroom

This week, we continue our goal of starting the year right by promoting movement in our schools. As we have learned in the CDC article on physical activity and academics, movement needs to happen everyday, for a total of

RESOURCE: Top 9 Functional Balance Tests for School-Based PTs

Hi, SeekFreaks! As discussed in The Four Pillars of School-based PT Assessment, the choice of assessment tools is very important. Luckily, there are more and more tests and measures that we can choose from. But which ones should you use?

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