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Motor Matters! Evidence-based Interventions for Children and Youth with Autism | Naperville, IL

with Karen Tartick, PT
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Hear the dual perspectives of a therapist & mother of a child with autism. Learn the fine & gross motor delays in individuals with ASD, as well as the relationship

My Computer Can Do What?! Free Accessibility Options in Everyday Computer Devices

with Jennifer Holloway, M Ed, ATP
April 9, 2019 | New York, NY
Learn to utilize free and built-in accessibility options in everyday computer devices and programs. Explore these accessibility options, and match them to the needs of your students

Motor Matters! Evidence-based Interventions for Children and Youth with Autism | Bucks County

with Karen Tartick, PT
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Hear the dual perspectives of a therapist & mother of a child with autism. Learn the fine & gross motor delays in individuals with ASD, as well as the

Keep It Moving! 11 DOs and 4 DON’Ts

Author: Catherine Noonan, PT, DPT, PCS, CEIM
Edited by: Laurie Ray
13.9% of children aged 2 to 5 are obese, which places them at risk for metabolic disorders, Type 2 diabetes, and poorer cardiovascular and mental health.1
Other research has

Enhancing Self-determination: Strategies to Incorporate in Our Interventions

Our role as therapists go beyond the physical. With every encounter with our clients, we assume many roles, such as a coach, cheerleader and advocate. The way we act and speak matters and influences outcomes.
So, let me take the

The Well-Equipped Therapist! An Apply EBP School-based OT and PT Symposium – Bucks County, PA

with SeekFreaks: Laurie Ray, MPT, PhD, Peggy Morris, OTD, OTR/L, BCP and Carlo Vialu, PT, MBA
With 7 Seminars to attend and 2 Clinical Reasoning Intensives (goal-writing and determining need for services), this Symposium provides practical application of the current

Everything’s Measurable! ICF-based Approach to Pediatric OT & PT Assessment – Seattle

Assess and recommend confidently!
Learn 100+ tests and measures as part of an ICF-based approach to assessing the needs of children and youth with neurologic and developmental disabilities, 3-21 years old. Practice test administration, scoring and interpretation!

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Peggy Morris: Ask Me Why I Love OT! and the Guidelines for Intervention for Autism

In this month of April, two of my many worlds collide, #AOTAinc and #LIUB. Yup, April is Occupational Therapy Month and Autism Awareness Month, two really important worlds to me. The American Occupational Therapy Association celebrates the profession of occupational

5 Tips from a Therapist & Parent of a Young Man with Autism

As a therapist working with children for over 30  years, I have a collection of pictures of the children with whom I have worked. When I look at the pictures, I proudly and lovingly remember how we worked hard together

SeekFreaks Video: Count Me In…with the Rifton TRAM

SeekFreaks explored the Rifton TRAM and found great uses for improving access to many children & youth, including those with complex medical needs. Utilize the TRAM to transfer, gait train, perform ADLs, and document progress in weight-bearing ability! So many

Top 23 Free Seated Exercise Videos – For Home and School

I was huffing and puffing going up the stairs last week, and realized that my cardiorespiratory fitness is taking a toll from not participating in any aerobic activities of late. Of course, I have no shortage of excuses…I’m very

18 Predictors of Postsecondary Outcomes…And What OTs, PTs & SLPs Can Do Now!

Happy Occupational Therapy Centennial! What better way for SeekFreaks to start the month than by focusing on the postsecondary occupations of employment, education and independent living!
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The ability to predict is very useful in our

Section 504: Not a SpEd Consolation Prize!

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 29 USC § 794 and 34 CFR § 104.4
Often, there is great confusion between the legal requirements of Section 504 and IDEA in our public schools this posting hopes to

Laurie Ray: Select Presentation Topics

I strive to engage all participants and tap into their experience to translate knowledge into practice. It does not matter how interesting or compelling the content, if each participant cannot incorporate the information into her/his work, the session is not

Carlo Vialu: Select Presentation Topics

My main goal as a presenter is to provide the audience with practical applications of research findings. Every year, more and more research articles are published that can enrich our practice. However, there remains a gap between the evidence

12 SeekFreaks Resolutions for 2017

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man.”  — Benjamin Franklin, Author, Inventor & Diplomat
A new year approaches! How will you make the most

12 Days of SeekFreaks – with a clickable, regiftable infographic

Consumers regifted an average of 4 presents each in 2014. And why not? Especially, if you know that the receiver will value your regift. So in the spirit of regifting, we are regifting you select SeekFreaks articles from the past

The Final SOPAC: 8 Key Lessons from Keystone

As pediatric PTs make the move from a Section on Pediatric Physical Therapy to the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy (APPT), almost 900 members enjoyed the final SoPAC and began looking toward the first APPTAC (Academy of Pediatric Physical

RESOURCES: 10 Handy American Occupational Therapy Association Fact Sheets

This week, we have our much-awaited list of 10 Handiest American Occupational Therapy Association fact sheets. Just like the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, AOTA has done a lot of work creating resources that

Spotlight on the Mid-Atlantic: Interview with Connie Johnson

Connie C Johnson, PT, DScPT, PCS  is a school-based physical therapist who enjoys sharing knowledge to support best practice for children and youth with disabilities. She recently published a case report in Pediatric Physical Therapy and a book entitled

RESOURCE: 10 Handy Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy Fact Sheets

Are you thinking of creating a resource to help families navigate the IEP process and whether their child needs school-based therapy? Need a topic and a handout for an in-service training you were asked to conduct with teachers and

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