Would you like to submit articles or posts as a SeekFreaks’ Guest Contributor? Please read the guidelines below for all the Freaky details.

What Makes a SeekFreaks’ Guest Contributor

  • Writing skills that engage
  • A love of sharing your expertise and insight
  • Openness to critique and collaboration – Articles may take a few edits and back-and-forth conversations to ensure a good SeekFreak ‘fit’. Each article gets feedback and input from another SeekFreak prior to posting.
  • Ability to consistently meet deadlines (or submit early!)

Know Our Audience

We write for PTs, OTs and SLPs in pediatric practice. Although we currently have a focus on school-based practice, many of our readers also practice in early intervention, clinical-based settings and academic institutions. In addition, we also write articles directed at teachers and other school staff. While we hope to reach a broad audience, each article should have a clear intended audience and effectively reach it.

What We Seek

Articles must reach our Freakishly high quality standards. Here are some qualities we look for:

  • Articles rooted in evidence – We expect at least 3 citations (with proper attributions).
  • Practical application – More than just presenting evidence, we seek to directly translate evidence into practice. Be specific with your recommendations.
  • 1,500 to 2,000 word count – We find that deeper articles are read more often. It also ensures there is enough substance for the SeekFreak reader.
  • Forward-looking ideas – We like pushing the envelope to improve our practice.
  • An engaging voice – We all write with different styles – and that is great! However, to be an interesting read, you have to make sure that the article has an engaging voice and thought-provoking point of view.

SeekFreak Strategies to Employ

Some elements make articles more interesting and easier to follow, especially when compared to long, winding narratives. Try any of the following:

Types of Articles

Below are the general types of articles we write. Please check our website to see examples of each.

  • Seeker’s Corner – General topics relevant to pediatric practice. This can be a synthesis of multiple evidence (e.g., Motoropoly), a discussion of legislative, administrative or procedural issues (e.g., RtI and PT), or any topic that you think would be of interest to SeekFreaks readers.
  • Article Review – Select a journal article to review and relate how it can be applied to school-based or pediatric practice.
  • Resources – Create a useful tool or list of tools for therapists.

What We Do Not Publish

  • Writing that is not supported by evidence. If a concept you mention in your article is controversial, say so and present evidence from multiple perspectives. This makes for an exciting conversation.
  • Writing that presents like a promotional material.
  • Writing that appears negative or judgemental. Be positive even when you criticize concepts or entities, and propose solutions or alternatives. The reader is the judge, not the writer.
  • An article that has already been published elsewhere. We are seeking original content.

How to Submit a Proposal

  • Select a topic or a few topics – anything that will fit into the SeekFreaks structure described above.
  • Briefly outline what the article will highlight by creating 3-5 bullet points per topic you select.
  • List 3 citations you will use.
  • Email it to seekfreaks@gmail.com with subject “Guest Contributor.”
  • Indicate if there is specific timing for the post to be most effective (e.g. OT Month, a conference, preferred date)

If Selected

  • We will invite you to write and submit the draft article by an agreed-upon deadline.
  • There is an editing process that generally includes a few back-and-forths or edits and rewrites.
  • We will also be creating our signature infographic based on the article you write.
  • Please note that though your topic may be selected, it does not guarantee publication of your article on SeekFreaks. Unfortunately, we are unable to publish your article if we find that the end-product will not meet the expectation of SeekFreak readers. SeekFreaks also reserve the right to write on the same topic (without using your material).
  • Credit for the article and infographic will be shared by the guest contributor and SeekFreaks.

Content Usage Policy

SeekFreaks will invest time and labor to ensure that the article and infographic gets published. As such, the article becomes shared property of the guest contributor and SeekFreaks. SeekFreaks is allowed to use the material in any way. Here are some guidelines to clarify a guest contributor’s appropriate use of the article:

  • You may share your article on any social media (e.g., Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest) with the proper attribution (see below for our attribution policy). The more people who learn from it and engage with it, the better it is for everybody!
  • You may publish a shorter version (<50%) of the article on your own blog or website with the proper attribution and a link to the original article. (Search engines do not like duplication of articles – they will rank such articles low on a search list, which negatively impacts both you and SeekFreaks.)
  • Having said that, if you think there is a great outlet for the article, just ask SeekFreaks’ permission. Be assured, we support the success of all guest contributors! We are supportive of any efforts for recognition or re-publication of your work in noteworthy outlets – so, just ask.
  • You may use the contents of your article and infographic in your own lectures or presentations as long as you attribute it properly and include a link to the SeekFreaks website.
  • Print the article and/or infographic and hand it out to audiences of your own lectures or presentations with proper attribution and link to the SeekFreaks website.
  • You may not sell the article or infographics in part or in whole.

Content Attribution Policy

When using the article and infographic in any of the manners approved above, you should:

  • Refer directly to SeekFreaks and its website (www.seekfreaks.com).
  • Include a reference to the actual link of the article you are referencing.

Thank you! We look forward to sharing your expertise and point of view with all SeekFreaks!

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