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Article Review: Top 5 Reasons to Address Gross Motor Skills of Children with ASD

Written by: Karen Tartick, PT practices in the Durham Public Schools in Durham, NC.  Karen has served as a member of the Autism subcommittee of the School Based Physical Therapy Special Interest Group, and co-authored the Autism Spectrum Disorder Guide for parents on the

Evidence Archive – 2015

Review: Predicting Hand Function
Review: PT & Lifelong Fitness
Review: Teachers’ Knowledge of Disabilities
Review: Age, Gender, Anthropometrics & Balance

Les 10 Enseignements Principaux tirés des Recommandations EACD pour les TAC

Over the past week, SeekFreaks worked with Emmanuel Madieu, a psychometricien from Montpellier, France to translate our Top 10 Lessons from EACD’s Guideline for DCD infographic. We hope many French-speaking SeekFreaks will find it useful.

Article Review: Child-focused vs. Context-focused Intervention

Imagine somebody tied both of your hands behind your back and asked you to provide therapeutic interventions. Can you still effect change? Are you still an occupational therapist or a physical therapist? While this study tried to answer the

Article Review: Can Online Modules Improve the Practice of Therapists?

Our last posting was an infographic summary of a clinical practice guideline from the European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD). That provided a synthesis of current developmental coordination disorder (DCD) research with effective practices to employ. This posting builds on

Article Spotlight: Top 10 Lessons from EACD’s Guideline for DCD

The clinical practice guideline for developmental coordination disorder (DCD) created by the European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD) has been helpful in synthesizing research on DCD from diagnosis to interventions. Reading it, however, takes a lot of grit. We thought

ARTICLE REVIEW: 11 Ways to Unleash the Power of Power Mobility

Quantitative studies are often seen as scientific and unbiased, but have also been criticized for being controlling and limited, forcing behaviors into specific quantifiable categories. On the other hand, qualitative studies “capture life as it is lived”, but has

ARTICLE REVIEW: A Service Delivery Model for Children with DCD

Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) is a diagnosis that has gained attention since I graduated from physical therapy school. It was not covered in my curriculum. So I feel like I am playing catchup and thought some of you might

ARTICLE REVIEW: Physical Activity Improves Academic Performance

Happy New Year, SeekFreaks!
Fitness has always been at the top of many new year’s resolutions. As school-based practitioners, we should have the same resolution for our students with disabilities, and help make it happen. So, we start the

ARTICLE REVIEW: How Age, Gender and Anthropometrics Affect Dynamic Balance

This article caught my eye since it is relevant to our recent post on the the 4 Pillars of PT Assessments. The investigators in this study wanted to determine whether dynamic balance is related to age, gender and anthropometrics measurements that include

ARTICLE REVIEW: Do Teachers Know the Impact of Preterm Birth?

Hi, SeekFreaks! In line with our discussion of supporting teachers via Response to Intervention (RtI) and the role of school-based physical therapists as advocates for students with disabilities, we are reviewing an article that explored the knowledge of teachers on the impact

ARTICLE REVIEW: Can Hand Function Be Predicted in Children with CP?

Understanding the importance of the GMFCS, a group of doctors, professor, OTs and PT in Sweden developed the Manual Ability Classification System (MACS) “to classify how children with cerebral palsy use their hands to handle objects in daily life.”

ARTICLE REVIEW: Role of PT in Promoting Lifelong Fitness

Many of our students with disabilities will one day become adults with disabilities. How much physical activities do the students with disabilities you work with currently engage in? What is their commitment to lifelong fitness goals?
Rowland et al

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