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SeekFreaks Video: So Happy Together! The Rifton Activity Chair

It’s more than just a chair! SeekFreaks revisited the classic Activity Chair as a great tool to promote inclusion, real-life function, and social interactions. With its many accessories and configurations, we found it to be highly versatile for different students

Trauma in Children…and What We Can Do to Help

How does trauma and toxic stress impact the children we serve and the services we provide?
We all know that during the critical period of early childhood development (0 – 3 years of age), a child’s brain is most

SeekFreaks’ APPTAC 2017 Takeaways

SeekFreaks was at APPTAC 2017, and had a blast learning, presenting, networking and trying out equipment. We also interviewed our co-SeekFreaks to find out what they learned from, or presented at APPTAC.


SeekFreaks Videos Presents…A Dynamic Toileting Solution: The Rifton Support Station

SeekFreaks explored the Rifton Support Station. Those who implement the MOVE program in their schools are familiar with the Support Station’s utility. While it is indeed useful for addressing toileting, it is also useful for promoting additional functional activities, such

APPTAC 2017 Survival Guide: 4 Clinical Paths to Follow

SeekFreaks, will we see you in Cincinnati? We asked a couple of amazing Pediatric PTs to outline which of the great sessions offered they were planning to attend. Durga Shah is chair of the Academy’s Policy, Payment and Advocacy Committee

SeekFreaks Videos Presents…The Trike is Right! The Rifton Trike

This video is full of classics – from the classic Rifton Trike, classic song, classic TV show, and classic movie! SeekFreaks explored multiple real-world uses of the Trike (beyond Pre-K), in a game we dubbed The Trike Is Right! We

SeekFreaks IEP Checklist: Student Version

Who wants to attend IEP meetings? I think students might be last in that line. SeekFreaks developed this list to help students prepare for annual review meetings. We have found IEP meetings with students at the table to be more

4 Easy Steps to Advance from a Caseload to a Workload Approach

Have you ever wondered where you were ever going to find the time in the school day to contact a parent, write a request for equipment for one of your students, answer an email invite to a meeting, or

SeekFreaks Video: Count Me In…with the Rifton TRAM

SeekFreaks explored the Rifton TRAM and found great uses for improving access to many children & youth, including those with complex medical needs. Utilize the TRAM to transfer, gait train, perform ADLs, and document progress in weight-bearing ability! So many

Innovations 2017: Hot Child [-based Therapists] in the City

Happy Summer, SeekFreaks! Both SeekFreaks participated in the APTA Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy’s Innovations in School-based Physical Therapy Practice 2017 conference in our nation’s capital – Washington, DC, July 14th & 15th. It was awesome!! I’m here to

RESOURCE: 10 Handy CanChild Resources

I can’t believe we let Canada’s Sesquicentennial Anniversary (aka 150th Year) on July 1, 2017 go without a shout out on the great work of our colleagues up North on conducting research and creating resources. So we decided to

Workshop: All Write Already! Top-Down Systems Approach to Evaluation & Interventions in Handwriting – New Orleans, LA

with Peggy Morris, OTD, OTR/L, BCP
January 12, 2018 | Loyola University, New Orleans, LA
Likely, more than half of your referrals for school-based OT revolve around handwriting. Learn a two-pronged approach to this common problem, and impact your schools

Workshop: Move, Motivate, Participate! Applying Evidence to Address the Motor Needs of Children with Autism – New Orleans, LA

with Karen Tartick, PT, CSCS
January 12, 2018 | Loyola University, New Orleans, LA
Learn to use evidence in addressing the motor needs of children with autism. Hear the dual perspectives of a PT & mother of a child with

Workshop: Train the Brain! Motor Learning Strategies to Promote Neural Plasticity in Children & Youth – Los Angeles, CA

with Carlo Vialu, PT, MBA
December 4, 2017 | USC University Club, Los Angeles, CA
Learn the latest evidence on motor learning strategies to promote permanent changes to skill performance and the brain! Participants will learn how to create motor-learning-rich

SeekFreaks Video: Go Where You Want to…The Rifton HTS

SeekFreaks explored Rifton’s Hygiene and Toileting System (HTS) and found the HTS’ potential to help children with disabilities go where they need to go, and participate in any activity where the child can get wet. How about joining their

The 6 Steps to Coaching Our Clients

Coaching as a way to deliver client-centered school-based therapy services. What?! While I am not quite a pom-pom kind of person, I do enjoy being a cheerleader for my clients. I also like telling people what to do! And

Spotlight on Spain: Interview with Vanesa Abuin, PT, MSc, PhD

Happy Summer, SeekFreaks! What are you up to? Summer makes me think of vacations, especially some place sunny.  So I decided to take all of you to Spain with this interview with Vanesa Abuin, PT, MSc, PhD. She is

Workshop: Everything’s Measurable! ICF-based Approach to Pediatric OT & PT Assessment – Philadelphia, PA

with Carlo Vialu, PT, MBA
December 8-9, 2017 | Temple University – Center City, Philadelphia, PA
Learn 60+ tests and measures as part of an ICF-based approach to assessing the needs of children and youth with neurologic, orthopedic and developmental

SeekFreaks Videos Presents…The New Rifton Pacer

It is SUMMER SeekFreaks!! Blockbuster season…we have a new adventure video to share with you. Check out this short but in-depth review of some new features for the Rifton Pacer. While it may not be a Blockbuster, we hope it

Happy End of School Year! Reflect, Advocate and Explore

Happy end of school year, SeekFreaks! 
I hope each of you are able to take some time to unwind, regroup and reflect…if not for an actual vacation maybe a stay-cation? Here are some reflection questions for you to ponder and

Can You Hear Me Now? Acoustical Challenges and Audiological Recommendations for Schools

Introduction: What do educational audiologists do?
When polling people outside the field of hearing and speech about what they think audiologists do, the most common response is that they do something similar to speech therapy. The second most

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