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C-H-A-N-G-E from the AOTA Children and Youth Conference

Cheese and beer. Beer and cheese. Beer-battered cheese?? Brewers in the play-off season? Do these hints tell you anything about where I was Sept 26-29? You guessed it! Milwaukee, Wisconsin!
I was fortunate to attend the AOTA Children & Youth

11 SeekFreaks Resolutions for 2018: Lessons from AOTA’s School Practice Conference 2017

Hello there! I recently spent a lovely long weekend in Orlando, Florida, to attend the AOTA’s specialty conference for school therapists. It was well attended; over 400 folks participated, along with thousands (or so it seemed) of Irish step-dancers. If

4 Easy Steps to Advance from a Caseload to a Workload Approach

Have you ever wondered where you were ever going to find the time in the school day to contact a parent, write a request for equipment for one of your students, answer an email invite to a meeting, or

The 6 Steps to Coaching Our Clients

Coaching as a way to deliver client-centered school-based therapy services. What?! While I am not quite a pom-pom kind of person, I do enjoy being a cheerleader for my clients. I also like telling people what to do! And

3 Steps to a Strengths-based OT, PT & SLP Practice

Hello everyone!  Welcome to OT month and our OT centennial celebration.  Occupational Therapy is 100 years old this year (so is the National Hockey League, just sayin’).  
Strengths-based Practice
I am excited to chat today with you about

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