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New Year’s Resolution: Celebrating the “Boring” Therapist in Me!

I have this nagging feeling that as a pediatric therapist, I always need to be creative…very creative! I’m not sure where this came from. Perhaps, a professor back in PT school told me so. Or one of my clinical instructors.

C-H-A-N-G-E from the AOTA Children and Youth Conference

Cheese and beer. Beer and cheese. Beer-battered cheese?? Brewers in the play-off season? Do these hints tell you anything about where I was Sept 26-29? You guessed it! Milwaukee, Wisconsin!
I was fortunate to attend the AOTA Children & Youth

Pre-Teach for Physical Education: A Program to Promote PE Participation

Guest Contributor: Kathryn Rose, PT, Mahomet-Seymour CUSD #3

In the early 1990’s the Mahomet-Seymour school district followed the IDEA guidelines by bringing students with special needs back to their neighborhood school; working to include the students with special needs with their

Countdown to Transition from EI: It Does Not Happen at Age 3!

SeekFreaks, a difficult transition for parents is when they leave the hospital with the bundle of joy and no procedure manual! For some parents, an early interventionist is more than helpful but actually feels like a life line. Then, just

Implementing the Use of Tests and Measures by Your Whole Team

If you have been following SeekFreaks for awhile now, you probably know how much I love standardized assessments (Top 9 Functional Balance Tests for School-Based PTs, 7 Promising Wheelchair Operation Tests, Top 10 Walking Tests for School-based PTs, 2 Tests

Models of Care for Children with Complex Disabilities: It’s Like Riding a Bike!

In 1997, Barbara deLateur recognized, “Those in rehabilitation medicine have a history to be proud of: following our intuition based on professional experience and altruistic instincts, we have always valued quality of life, encouraging our patients to strive for the

SeekFreaks Dishes 11 Lessons from New Orleans CSM

So, this year, the APTA Combined Sections Meeting had nearly 17,000 participants laissez le bon temps rouler (let the good times roll…) in New Orleans (6,000 were PT students). Both original SeekFreaks were in attendance, learned a LOT and made

Participating in Chores at Home: A Facilitator of Employment in Youth with Disabilities

Looking for more ways to improve your client’s potential for employment? Good work begins at home!
Chores and Employment
Parent expectations (Lindsey, 2014) and youth engagement in chores at home (Lindsey, 2014; Weyman, 2014) are considered to be facilitator of

Spotlight on Assistive Tech: Interview with Marne Iwand

SeekFreaks is ecstatic to start February with a Spotlight Interview of a therapist who goes above and beyond to reduce wasted equipment, and giving them new life through her non-profit!

Marne Iwand, MPT, ATP   work for Munroe Meyer Institute at

Top 10 GOTTA BEs for Successful Integrated Services

Are your interventions translating into improved participation and performance during the school day? If your answer is “no” or “not sure”, this may be the right article for you.
Team collaboration which facilitates functional integrated goals has been supported by

Seeker’s Corner Archive – 2015-2016

OTs, PTs & SLPs in Schools…How Did We Get Here?
Role of School-based PT
Response to Intervention & PT
4 Pillars of School-based PT Assessment
Functional Classification Systems for Children with CP
IEP 4.0: Developing a Clear PLEP

11 SeekFreaks Resolutions for 2018: Lessons from AOTA’s School Practice Conference 2017

Hello there! I recently spent a lovely long weekend in Orlando, Florida, to attend the AOTA’s specialty conference for school therapists. It was well attended; over 400 folks participated, along with thousands (or so it seemed) of Irish step-dancers. If

Trauma in Children…and What We Can Do to Help

How does trauma and toxic stress impact the children we serve and the services we provide?
We all know that during the critical period of early childhood development (0 – 3 years of age), a child’s brain is most

SeekFreaks’ APPTAC 2017 Takeaways

SeekFreaks was at APPTAC 2017, and had a blast learning, presenting, networking and trying out equipment. We also interviewed our co-SeekFreaks to find out what they learned from, or presented at APPTAC.


APPTAC 2017 Survival Guide: 4 Clinical Paths to Follow

SeekFreaks, will we see you in Cincinnati? We asked a couple of amazing Pediatric PTs to outline which of the great sessions offered they were planning to attend. Durga Shah is chair of the Academy’s Policy, Payment and Advocacy Committee

4 Easy Steps to Advance from a Caseload to a Workload Approach

Have you ever wondered where you were ever going to find the time in the school day to contact a parent, write a request for equipment for one of your students, answer an email invite to a meeting, or

Innovations 2017: Hot Child [-based Therapists] in the City

Happy Summer, SeekFreaks! Both SeekFreaks participated in the APTA Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy’s Innovations in School-based Physical Therapy Practice 2017 conference in our nation’s capital – Washington, DC, July 14th & 15th. It was awesome!! I’m here to

The 6 Steps to Coaching Our Clients

Coaching as a way to deliver client-centered school-based therapy services. What?! While I am not quite a pom-pom kind of person, I do enjoy being a cheerleader for my clients. I also like telling people what to do! And

Spotlight on Spain: Interview with Vanesa Abuin, PT, MSc, PhD

Happy Summer, SeekFreaks! What are you up to? Summer makes me think of vacations, especially some place sunny.  So I decided to take all of you to Spain with this interview with Vanesa Abuin, PT, MSc, PhD. She is

Happy End of School Year! Reflect, Advocate and Explore

Happy end of school year, SeekFreaks! 
I hope each of you are able to take some time to unwind, regroup and reflect…if not for an actual vacation maybe a stay-cation? Here are some reflection questions for you to ponder and

Can You Hear Me Now? Acoustical Challenges and Audiological Recommendations for Schools

Introduction: What do educational audiologists do?
When polling people outside the field of hearing and speech about what they think audiologists do, the most common response is that they do something similar to speech therapy. The second most

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